Tennessee Clean Fuels staff are frequently at workshops, conferences and expos across the southeast and the U.S. Sometimes we just attend, and sometimes we present on different topics (or serve as moderators on panels). This page contains presentations we have given related to a variety of fuels, vehicle technologies or industry or legislative issues. Just click on any image to access the PDF version of that PowerPoint file.

October 13, 2020:  Statewide Action & Rural Alt Fuels Leadership – Examples of Success in Tennessee, presented at the TDOT RPO Virtual Conference (online)

December 14, 2017:  Alternative Fuels for Municipal Fleet Management, presented at the TREEDC Annual International Conference  (Cookeville, TN at TN Tech)

May 23, 2017: Tennessee Green Fleets: 2017 Class of Certified Fleets at the 2017 Sustainable Transportation Awards & Forum

May 18, 2017: Alternative Fuels in Tennessee: Funding & Fleet Examples at the Environmental Show of the South

April 22, 2017Tennessee Clean Fuels & Autogas: Applying Tennessee Lessons in Your State

February 15, 2017Air Quality & AFVs: Impacts and Challenges Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

November 3, 2016 “Clean Cities” in Tennessee: Alternative Fuels Efforts & Examples for the University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s AREC 445 class: Renewable Energy Economics

April 21, 2016Propane as Mowing Equipment Fuel

April 14, 2016You Will #FindYourPark is now Greener! Clean Cities Partnerships are bringing AFVs to Our National Parks at the LAF 2016 Conference & Expo

April 27, 2015:  AFVs – More Choices than Ever: Work Trucks & Other Vehicle Alt-Fuel Options for Utilities at the Utility Fleet Maintenance Association Spring Meeting

December 11, 2014ETCleanFuels Public & Fleet Outreach: The Communication Tools We Use

January 14, 2015Metrics & Lessons from Building the Planet’s Longest Biofuels Corridor – The I‐75 Green Corridor Project at the TRB 94th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

March 25, 2014Electric Vehicles: Back with Vengeance at the Tennessee Environmental Conference

June 26, 2012NG in TN update for mid‐2012, featuring Tennessee NGV Action Overview at the KGA NGV Conference

December 8, 2011: ETCleanFuels: ET Projects & Partnerships at the ISSE Presentation

May 13, 2011: I‐75 Green Corridor Project – Helping America Diversify its Fuels at the DTF Congressional Briefing Series


March 1, 2011: Building a 21st Century Truck Stop: The Eco Travel Plaza at the TREEDC Crossville Forum

September 10, 2010: Ethanol in Tennessee: We Don't Just Drink It at the Shaping Texas’ Fuel Ethanol Policy Conference


August 16, 2010: Biofuel Myths: Sorting Fact from Fiction at the Tennessee Alternative Fuels and Bioenergy Conference

April 28, 2010: RFS2 – A Bridge to a More Sustainable America? (A Really Fast Synopsis, too) at the Tennessee Ethanol Fuels Workshop in 2010


June 15, 2009: Green Corridors in the Southeast - Biodiesel at the 4th Annual Partners Meeting for SEDC

November 13, 2008: The ETCFC’s Focus – Smarter Transportation Fuels Use at Ms. Rehder’s Class at Farragut Middle School


April 19, 2008Introducing Biofuels Into the Marketplace at the 2008 World of Food & Fuel Expo: Celebrating 30 Years

March 4, 2008The ETCFC – East TN Success Stories at the Clean Cities’ Successes – A Review in DC


September 11, 2006: Biodiesel – Growing Rapidly in East Tennessee at the Tennessee Trucking Association Conference

February 2006: Overview of the ETCFC & Alternative Fuels - Simultaneously Impacting Regional Air Quality & American Energy Independence

June 11, 2003: Overview of the ETCFC & Alternative/American Fuels at the 2003 Biodiesel Workshop

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