covershot deusa replication playbook

This Replication Playbook provides details and examples on how 14 states developed their own “Drive Electric” programs or initiatives. Visit the DRIVE Electric USA website to find multiple pieces of this document including synopses and specific “Priority Area” summaries (there were seven Priority Areas of work in the DEUSA project).

covershot dcfc+rng funding strats

This DC Fast Charging and CNG/RNG Funding Guide includes a prologue and combines information about these two significant, GHG-reducing alternative fuels and how to build or obtain fiscal support for your project.

covershot cng station dev guide

This Tennessee CNG Station Development Guide includes an accounting of all the public CNG stations in the state (with photos) and provides the most-needed details for building new CNG stations in the Volunteer State.

covershot utk evse plan

ETCleanFuels worked with the University of Tennessee at Knoxville to discuss current electric vehicle charging equipment on campus, expected changes that are coming to campus, perform some research on other campuses and how they are expanding EV charging access, and then analyze past data and forecast potential future charging needs.

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