UTK EVSE Strategic Planning

biofuels outreach

This project is providing assistance to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with multi-phase planning for future needs for EVSE and providing charging options for students, staff and faculty, and visitors to the university.

Recordings of Zooms – meetings w/EVSE service providers

Orange Charger, May 8 (Joseph Nagle – 303-881-0494, joseph@orangecharger.com):

QEV Charge, May 9 (Lisa Serpas – 865-770-1630, lserpas@qevcharge.com):

PlugZio, May 9 (Muhammed Akhlaghi, Pedram Tavassoli – 778-980-2225, pedram@plugzio.com):

ChargePoint & Eos, May 17 (Lance Irwin – 865-255-2818, lirwin@7spc.com):

Enel X Way, May 18 (Kris Kentera – 615-981-6487, kris.kentera@enel.com):

Enphase (Clipper Creek), May 19 (Don Francis – 404-906-0656, donfrancis@enphaseenergy.com):


Photos of Current UTK Chargers – On Flickr





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