The mission of Tennessee Clean Fuels is to realize improved air quality, environmental resiliency, and economic success for all Tennesseans through facilitating the adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. We are engaged in the work of environmental justice. But where some voices are disproportionately represented, recognized, and valued over others, true justice becomes impossible.

Tennessee Clean Fuels acknowledges and condemns racism, racially motivated violence, and the pernicious legacies of slavery, segregation, and dehumanization that still haunt our country. We support, work towards, and demand justice for and with communities of color in Tennessee and nationwide. Black, Brown, and Indigenous voices matter. Their lived experiences matter. Their lives matter.

As longtime advocates for environmental progress across Tennessee, our Coalitions acknowledge that environmental justice cannot be achieved if such progress is only accessible by the privileged. Systemic discrimination is real. Systemic racism is real. They are insidious. They are inscribed in our institutions and in our hearts. Where oppression and marginalization are systemic, systemic responses are demanded in return. We must listen and learn; we must practice radical empathy; we must stand in solidarity with people of color, centering and supporting their voices and perspectives. We must take action.

Our Coalitions are dedicated to environmentally just advances in transportation and sustainability. This means ensuring equitable access to resources for individuals from all communities. It means ensuring fair, meaningful access to fora and organizations that disseminate and develop these resources. Finally, it means ensuring that our Coalitions themselves reflect the values of the world we would like to live in. No one deserves to be excluded from the work or the bounty of environmental progress.

Our Coalition conforms to all the laws, statutes, and regulations concerning equal employment opportunities and affirmative action. This in itself, however, is not enough to meaningfully engage with the work of justice. With the latter firmly in mind, we make the following commitments:

  • We are committed to making space in our workplaces, in our organizations, and in our projects for Black, Brown, and Indigenous voices. We will actively pursue this goal in our employment practices, Board service, public outreach, project development, and professional development.
  • We will engage with and listen intently to communities that have been marginalized by structural racism. 
  • We will provide decision-makers, our stakeholders, and the Tennessee public with information and opportunities that support environmental justice and spotlight the work that remains to be done to realize it.
  • We will seek out and embrace projects that provide direct benefits for disadvantaged and marginalized communities.
  • We will elevate the voices of people of color towards making necessary systemic changes in our institutions, our organizations, our community practices, and in our lives.

Justice is not real unless it is justice for all. If justice is unrealized, it is the responsibility of all with the privilege to enact social and environmental change to realize it. We pledge to bring our resources, talents, and projects to bear on this most fundamental task.


Environmental Justice,Alternative Fuels