TNCleanFuels Gold Membership


What to expect when you join: 

Knowledgeable Team: We will work with your team to identify where your organization’s needs lie and connect you with other members of our team who will assist you. Each team member has a variety of applicable skills and knowledge that can help your organization accomplish its mission.

Grant Assistance: We provide assistance in developing project proposals and expertise in writing grant applications. Over the last 20 years, we have developed deep relationships with many of today’s grant agencies and know the grant eccentricities well. Gold Level members can utilize a minimum of 10 hours of grant assistance as a part of their membership. Any time spent over the included time will incur an additional fee.

Education: We can provide you with up-to-date information on the latest developments in alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies, and sustainable transportation. You will receive updated news and information through the monthly TNCleanFuels New Digest email. We can also assist in determining what vehicles are best suited or most appropriate for a given fleet application.

Work Towards Change: Coalition membership creates the opportunity for collaboration and teamwork with people and groups focused on similar goals. It also identifies your business or agency as environmentally friendly and active in addressing environmental concerns while saving your organization money. All TNCleanFuels memberships are also tax-deductible.