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Calling all Upper Cumberland community businesses and citizens to raise your voice!

A SIGNIFICANT amount of funding is coming out to help communities install electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, including fast charging (DCFC) and “Level 2” charging. Additionally, EV adoption is growing quickly in Tennessee and the economic benefits of this infrastructure to rural communities should not be overlooked – the purchase of EVs grew by 62% in 2021 compared to 2020! There are now over 18,000 electric vehicles on Tennessee roads.

In concert with numerous community partners like TDOT, the Upper Cumberland Development District, and Tennessee Tech. University, we are hosting a Community Planning Workshop on June 6 in Cookeville that will focus on developing some larger plans for the Upper Cumberland (UC) region related to a) DC fast charging along corridors, b) DC fast charging in rural areas, and c) Level 2 charging throughout the UC.

This event will be an immersive, three-hour workshop where we will provide a background on EVs and how you charge them, what is going on in Tennessee with jobs and EV production, discuss the funding opportunities that are coming in 2022, 2023 and beyond, and then delve into the different kinds of charging that can be installed and find the best sites for all kinds of charging to help the UC develop a Community Charging Plan.

Invited stakeholders include any community citizens that would like a voice in making plans for electric vehicle infrastructure and charging sites, and includes representatives from organizations like:

  • Local and state governmental entities
  • Planning organizations
  • Local power companies
  • Interested citizens and anyone interested in improving air quality in the UC
  • Retailers
  • EVSE experts (“EVSE” stands for electric vehicle supply equipment; means charging equipment)
  • Public transportation operators
  • Private sector companies that operate a fleet
  • Universities and colleges
  • NGOs
  • EV owners

This will be an in-person event at the Upper Cumberland Development District office at 1104 England Drive, Cookeville, TN 38501. We will be in the main conference room. This is your opportunity to speak up and help bring EV charging into your community, no matter where you are across the entire Upper Cumberland region!!

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