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Don’t forget to add the Middle-West Coalition Meeting to your calendar!  We will be holding it from 1-3 pm CT on Thursday, November 2 in the University Center of the University of Memphis. Parking is offered in the Zach Curlin Parking garage adjacent to the University Center.  See below for maps. Presentations at the meeting will encompass propane, CNG, hydrogen, RNG and more!

You will need to RSVP for this meeting as well as for the tours!  –> RSVP here!


In conjunction with the coalition meeting, we will be offering two exclusive tours thanks to FedEx Express that showcase some of their operations using alternative-fuel technology in the Memphis area! Both tours will be at or near Memphis International Airport. Here’s the tour info:


3:30pm CT – Tour Of the FedEx Hydrogen Ground Service Equipment & (to come) CNG Class-8 Station. This tour will go to the cargo part of MEM and allow us to see these hydrogen GSE in its place of work! We will see the equipment itself, as well as the hydrogen refueling station that the equipment uses to refuel. After that, we will see where the new CNG trucking refueling site will be nearby where some of the trucks that come into and leave the airport will start using CNG in their operations.


  • When/Where – We will meet outside the Zach Curlin Parking Garage at 3:30pm and get picked up by a van to go on the tour. You will need to park your vehicle in the Curlin Garage and ride the van with us to go on the tour. Our meeting ends at roughly 3pm, so that should be enough time to drop whatever you need to in your vehicle, and be ready for pickup at 3:30pm.
  • Number that can take the tour – Eight (8). We are limited on this tour for several reasons, and the first 8 to sign up will be allowed on the tour.


10:15pm CT – The “FedEx Express Experience Tour.” Yes, that says 10:15 PM. This tour promises to be amazing if you seek to understand how literally thousands (millions?) of packages all come into, are “shuffled” and then leave MEM airport all in matter of hours. This is an official FedEx Express tour that used to be open to the public, and isn’t per se anymore. FedEx is allowing us to put together this tour just for our members and stakeholders.


  • When/Where – You MUST BE at this address (3851 Airways Blvd, Module C, 1st floor, Memphis, 38116) at 10:15pm. You can drive your own vehicle and park there. The tour will start promptly at 10:30pm and last roughly 2 hours. See here for all of the rules that must be followed and more details, including being ready to show a government ID, and that you will be walking roughly 2 miles during the total tour.
  • Number that can take the tour – Sixteen (16). The first 16 to sign up will be allowed on the tour.

See you in Memphis!!


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