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Some employers may question the need for workplace charging, asking: “Can’t people just charge their electric vehicles at home?” Workplace charging can actually be beneficial to both employees and employers. Let’s explore how.

Convenience for Employees

One of the main reasons for installing workplace EV charging is convenience. Many EV drivers have limited range on their vehicles and need to charge them regularly. If they can’t charge their vehicles at work, they may need to make an extra stop on their way to or from work, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

By providing charging stations at the workplace, employers can make it easier for employees to charge their EVs during the workday. This can save employees time and help reduce range anxiety, which can be a barrier to EV adoption.

Supporting Employee Sustainability Goals

Many employees are committed to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. By installing EV charging stations, employers can show support for these goals and help employees make more sustainable transportation choices. This can also help attract and retain employees who are environmentally conscious and value sustainable practices.

Future-Proofing for the Transition to EVs

As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, workplaces that don’t offer charging stations may become less attractive to potential employees. Installing charging stations now can help future-proof the workplace for the transition to EVs and keep the business competitive in the long term.

Cost Savings

Employers may also benefit from cost savings by installing workplace EV charging. Many utility companies offer special rates for EV charging, which can help reduce the overall cost of electricity for the business. In addition, offering workplace charging can help reduce the need for employees to take time off work to charge their vehicles, which can improve productivity and reduce costs associated with employee absences.

While it may be possible for employees to charge their vehicles at home, as the popularity of EVs continues to grow, offering charging stations can help keep businesses competitive and attract and retain top talent.

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