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Some may wonder if EV workplace charging installation will strain the energy grid and cause power outages or other issues. Let’s explore the question: Is my new workplace EV charging installation going to overburden our energy grid?

In short, the answer is no. If it is planned and executed properly, EV charging can take into account the needs of the grid and the charging patterns of EVs.

Firstly, businesses can choose to install smart charging stations that adjust the amount of power based on the needs of the grid. For example, during periods of high demand, such as peak hours, the charging stations can reduce the amount of power they draw from the grid. This helps to prevent overloading and power outages.

Secondly, businesses can implement time-of-use pricing for their EV charging stations. This means that employees will pay more to charge their vehicles during peak hours and less during off-peak hours. This encourages employees to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours when the energy grid is not under as much strain.

Another way to ensure that workplace EV charging doesn’t overburden the energy grid is to consider the amount of chargers installed. A company may want to start with a smaller number of chargers, and increase the number as the demand grows. This ensures that the energy grid is not strained, and the company is not over-investing in EV charging stations that may not be fully utilized.

Lastly, businesses can choose to use renewable energy to power their EV charging stations. Solar panels, wind turbines or other forms of renewable energy can be used to power the charging stations, reducing the demand on the energy grid.

A properly planned and implemented workplace EV charging installation is not going to overburden the energy grid.  If done strategically, EV charging stations not only benefit their employees, but also help to support a more sustainable and stable energy grid.

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