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Position Summary

This position is for an East Tennessee Clean Fuels (ETCF) Project Coordinator, housed in the Institute for a Secure & Sustainable Environment (ISSE) and funded directly by a sponsored project funded by the ETCF 501(c)3 non-profit. The Project Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating a portfolio of 2-5 projects at any given time; some are funded by the US-DOE, and others through contributions from non-federal entities. As project periods end (most typically run 1-3 years), new projects shall be added to the Project Coordinator’s portfolio. The ETCF Project Coordinator will report to ETCF’s Chief of Staff.

The Project Coordinator will work directly with the ETCF Executive Director, Chief of Staff, Communications Coordinator and other personnel, as well as with partners external to UTK and ETCF. They will serve as a primary coordinator and collaborator with all partner institutions to help manage the significant communication and coordination needs of projects of this scope and will assume fiscal, administrative, programmatic, and data management responsibilities.

The Project Coordinator will be versed in project organization, tracking, and team collaboration and will provide nuanced reports and guidance to ETCF including financial, operational, programmatic and personnel aspects of project work. The Project Coordinator will work actively with internal and external partners to launch, facilitate and monitor the complexities of ETCF’s diverse network of stakeholders and ensure that project goals are accomplished. 

Position Responsibilities

Multi-Project Coordination, 50% time

  • Perform all aspects of coordination and planning for ETCF projects in portfolio (fiscal, administrative, programmatic, data mgmt.)
  • Identify and investigate process delays and solve problems using innovative solutions
  • Coordinate with ETCF’s Communications Coordinator to execute external communication plans for projects, including digital and social media
  • Collaborate with and coordinate internal and external team members to ensure project progress is maintained and deliverables are met
  • Establish and sustain positive working relationships and serve as the primary contact for external constituencies including: federal, state and local governmental agencies; not-for-profit organizations; industrial and corporate vendors; and collaborating institutions
  • Attend meetings and other training opportunities related to project management
  • Provide operational guidance, deliverables tracking, and budgetary compliance oversight to PIs, ETCF Fiscal Coordinator, and subcontractors
  • Collect and compile data for report submissions to funding agencies or partners, including coordination of deadlines with subcontractors, ETCF Fiscal Coordinator, and PIs
  • Track goals and milestones and present analysis of progress to PIs and project teams, ensuring deliverables are completed and outcomes achieved 
  • Investigate and provide updates on potential negative impacts of routine challenges related to projects assigned
  • Negotiate with vendors and solve disputes related to project deliverables
  • Analyze and evaluate project milestones; has the authority to make independent decisions within scope of responsibility to report on the status of assigned projects
  • Address a wide-range of financial/business-related reporting and monitoring, including:
    • Advise PIs and ETCF Executive Staff on budgetary matters and resource availability
    • Coordinate with ETCF Chief of Staff, ETCF Executive Director, and PIs on budget revisions, review business transactions, and monitor budgets to ensure fiscal objectives are met
    • Monitor sub-awardee progress and provide operational guidance within the provided budgetary range

Data Analytics & Management, 25% time

This position plays a key role in project reporting, which includes the processes of acquisition, reporting, and management of all program data and information. Primary duties include:

  • Coordinate and provide accurate records regarding project financials and team deliverables, databases, etc.
  • Create, disseminate, and deliver reports on budget expenditures and projections, team productivity, status updates, and milestones/deliverables for PIs and ETCF Executive Staff
  • Coordinate data for project performance metrics for evaluation, prepare cost estimates or scope changes
  • Collect and analyze data necessary for budget preparation and reporting, audit assessments, and fiscal reporting requirements
  • Closely monitor project timelines and works with PI to negotiate changes if needed

Office Staff Coordination, 15% time

This position collaborates with the ETCF Communications Coordinator, ETCF Fiscal Coordinator, ETCF Executive Director, ETCF Project Assistants, as well as performing the following duties:

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings
  • Prioritize Communications tasks for projects, working with ETCF Communications Coordinator to determine best practices and communications deliverables
  • Track, analyze, and prepare project budgets and other fiscal reports for final review by ETCF Fiscal Coordinator
  • Receive guidance and direction from ETCF Chief of Staff and ETCF Executive Director, implementing guidance into project operations swiftly and effectively
  • Where necessary, identify work for delegation to ETCF Project Assistants and provide guidance and direction for them to complete assigned deliverables successfully

Meeting, Workshop & Event Coordination, 10% time

  • Schedule and coordinate regular team meetings and necessary workshops
  • With ETCF Executive Staff, assist with scheduling and coordination of regular reviews as required by the projects
  • Manage arrangements and contracts and associated travel
  • Oversee partner communication and engagement

Competencies / Qualifications


Requires knowledge in project management, budget management, and supporting software, including the Microsoft and Google suites of software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.)


Strong oral and written communication, team leadership & management, fiscal tracking, problem solving and customer service. Excellent Excel skills to track and monitor budgets and deliverables. Business writing proficiency.


Analyze and document project failures and successes. Track expenditures to predict and suggest corrections for over/underspending. Organize and track project activities for partner communication and reporting activities.