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The House of Representatives will vote on the Moving Forward America Act, a major alternative fuels bill this week, and we need your help!

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives announced H.R. 2, the Moving America Forward Act, which will GREATLY AFFECT the future of alternative fuels funding and infrastructure across the country. This includes funding for Clean Cities coalitions like the East and Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalitions. 

The House is expected to vote on this bill sometime this week. 

Transportation Energy Partners is urging all Clean Cities stakeholders to contact your federal representatives now and let them know you want to see a cleaner future with this bill. Encourage them to vote YES for H.R. 2. 

H.R. 2 includes a massive investment in funding and incentives to facilitate the purchase of clean fuels and vehicles and the development of alternative fueling infrastructure.  Highlights of the bill include:

  • Authorizes $50 million for the DOE Clean Cities Program for the fiscal year 2021 and increases the authorization each year, reaching $100 million in the fiscal year 2025. 
  • Extends the tax incentives for biodiesel and for natural gas and propane with a phase-down, through 2025. 
  • Extends the tax credit for alternative fueling infrastructure through 2025 and expands the credit for electric charging infrastructure by allowing a 20% credit for expenses in excess of $100,000. 
  • Increases the production cap for the Electric Vehicle tax credit to 600,000 per manufacturer and allows purchasers to receive a credit of $7,000.
  • Provides a new tax credit for the purchase of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles and zero-emission buses
  • Provides $350 million a year in competitive grants for alternative fueling infrastructure established on corridors designated by the FHWA. 
  • Establishes Community Climate Innovation grants of $250 million per year for local investments in innovative strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Provides $1.7 billion for Zero-emission bus grants.
  • Creates a $500 million a year Zero Emissions Ports Infrastructure Program
  • Authorizes $3.5 billion a year for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants, which can be used by cities and counties to implement strategies to advance alternative fuels, vehicles, and infrastructure. 
  • Reauthorizes DERA, the diesel emissions reduction program, at $500 million a year. 
  • Reauthorizes the Clean School Bus Program at $65 million a year.
  • Establishes a pilot program for the electrification of certain refrigerated vehicles
  • Requires the Postal Service to replace at least 75 percent of its fleet with electric or zero-emission vehicles and authorizes at least $6 billion for the purchase of new vehicles.

Tennessee has nine representatives; use the phone number provided below to make your voice heard!

District 1: David “Phil” Roe– (202) 225-6356

District 2: Tim Burchett– (202) 225-5435

District 3: Charles “Chuck” Fleischmann– (202) 225-3271

District 4: Scott DesJarlais– (202) 225-6831

District 5: Jim Cooper– (202) 225-4311

District 6: John Rose– (202) 225-4231

District 7: Mark Green– (202) 225-2811

District 8: David Kustoff– (202) 225-4714

District 9: Steve Cohen– (202) 225-3265

Find other representatives and their contact information here

The time to speak up is now! Don’t wait to contact your representative and tell them to vote YES for the Moving America Forward Act.

Moving America Forward ActMoving America Forward ActMoving America Forward Act