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Download the 2018  form Now!

It is time to begin collecting your fleet’s alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology data for 2018. This form that you can access by clicking here contains all of the categories for the alt fuels and for vehicle technology like idle reduction devices or fuel economy improvement devices. Additionally, the form has fields on page 5 for collecting your total gasoline and diesel use as well – please fill out these fields as it will help us do an early assessment of your fleet’s opportunity to become a certified “Tennessee Green Fleet.”

 The 2018 calendar-year, fillable PDF data form is ready. No matter where you are in Tennessee, this is your data form.

THE DEADLINE FOR COMPLETING THE FORM AND SENDING TO US IS JANUARY 25, 2019. You may email, fax or mail your completed form to us – whatever is easiest for you.  


Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way, and thank you!