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Reprinted from www.truckinginfo.com.  Read entire article here.

With fuel prices at their highest since 2014, compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel for fleet operations is once again getting attention as a cheap, super-clean alternative to diesel or gasoline. The truth is, many fleets that switched to CNG a number of years ago have been quietly going about their business and never looked back.

Sheehy Mail Contractors, out of Waterloo, Wisconsin, is one such fleet. Founded in 1952, Sheehy operates a fleet of straight trucks and tractors. About 70% of its operations are focused on U.S. Postal Service contracts and the remainder on hauling freight. And it’s a company with a culture of fuel economy deeply embedded in its DNA.

“Our founder, Gerald Sheehy, was putting homemade components on his trucks from the very beginning in an effort to boost fuel economy,” says Nick Myers, communications and brand strategist for the carrier. Around seven years ago, executives at the carrier decided the time was right to seriously look at CNG as an alternative fuel.

More at www.truckinginfo.com.