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Jonathan and Daniel of ETCleanFuels made the journey to Indianapolis, IN on Monday morning to attend the 2018 Green Truck Summit and Work Truck Show. They joined vendors, fleet reps, and other Clean Cities coalitions to discuss the future of clean fuels and alternative fuel technologies and the promise of these American innovations for revolutionizing transportation around the world.

green truck summit

Scott Phillippi speaks about the urgency of adopting alternative fuels right now, rather than waiting in vain for them to “be perfect.”

After a rousing opening keynote speech from Kary Schaefer of Daimler Trucks, the 300+ crowd was treated to several compelling and diverse discussion panels. From debates about work truck productivity to a primer on the newest clean fuel advancements in the industry, it was impossible not to come away from the summit with the feeling that alternative fuels are the future of industry and American innovation.

Particularly inspiring was a short presentation from UPS Director of Maintenance & Engineering Scott Phillipi, whose honesty about the need to adopt alternative fuels now was refreshing and compelling, and a message that more fleets and American individuals need to hear and take heed of. He noted, “if you wait for [alternative fuels] to be perfect, you’ll be waiting forever. You’ve gotta jump on the train sometime.”

We agree, Scott — and what better time to adopt alternative fuels than right now!