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Medium- and large-sized companies can take advantage of charging station subsidies and guidance offered by the EV technology innovator

Workplace charging is becoming a more and more attractive option for companies and commuters, as the costs associated with these installations fall and the number of people needing to charge their EVs at work increases. To take advantage of the growing demand, and to support the development of EV charging infrastructure, Tesla is offering impressive funding programs for workplace charging installations.

Tesla will cover up to $3000 for the installation of each charger. They’re offering to cover this for Tesla’s own charger type and for Level 2 (J1172) chargers, so long as the Tesla chargers are at least a 1:1 ratio with the L2’s. As for the charging technology itself, it’ll only set you back $600 for each charger installed (a massive savings compared to MSRP). This is great technology offered at a fantastic price point.

As part of the program, businesses will be required to have a licensed electrician visit the proposed site to conduct a survey and provide a quote to Tesla for the overall installation cost. Tesla will review the quote and, if the quote is good, accept it. From there, work can begin on installing the new charging stations, putting companies well on their way to being able to offer charging to any employee with an EV.

Tesla offers a brochure with more details about their program, or you can start a conversation about getting your business involved by sending a message to workplacecharging@tesla.com.