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What are those clouds of exhaust fuming from your children’s school bus? This video explains what NOx is, how propane autogas school buses are a readily available solution to knock out NOx, and how the Volkwagen settlement money can be used to clear up the air around school buses.

Here’s a list of benefits from propane-powered school buses, from ROUSH CleanTech‘s website:

Operating Costs: Reduced

Switching to propane autogas not only benefits the environment, it also improves fleet operators’ bottom line. Fleet managers are discovering they can lower their fuel costs by up to 40 percent with less maintenance costs over time by switching to propane autogas. Visit the Savings Calculator to see how much money you can save.

Emissions: Reduced

Propane autogas burns far cleaner than diesel, with less harmful emissions:

  • Up to 20 percent less nitrogen oxide
  • Up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide
  • Up to 24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fewer particulate emissions