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On November 20, 2017, the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation submitted the below documentation for requesting that I-75, I-24 and I-65 be added to the list of interstates in Tennessee that should be designated “alternative fuel corridors.” These three major vertical interstates in Tennessee are expected to join I-40 (which was submitted in 2016) as designated interstates in Tennessee.

In each case, part or all of each interstate in Tennessee is designated as either “Signage-Ready” or “Signage-Pending” for one or more of several different fuels, including EV, CNG and propane. If deemed “Signage-Ready” then that means the stations for that fuel along that corridor meet all of FHWA’s requirements, like distance between stations along the corridor, and distance of that station from the interstate.

Click here to access Tennessee’s 2017 FHWA nomination document.

Click here to see background information from FHWA that explains the process and specifics for what they are seeking in these nominations.

Note that the designations by FHWA are just a first step in this process. After determination of corridors that are “Signage-Ready”, TDOT and partners have to decide on signage specifics and get the signs manufactured and posted. Additionally, Tennessee will be working on a completely separate process (not part of FHWA’s process and system) to develop signage that specifically shows interstate drivers how to get to the individual alternative fuel stations that are along each designated interstate (directional signage).