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UPS – CNG Operations in Chattanooga, TN
UPS approved these photos and description. Photos taken by Jonathan Overly during a tour on October 25, 2017. Click on the photos to see titles and captions.

For those that do not know, UPS has significant alternative fuel operations in Tennessee. They operate over 300 LNG (liquefied natural gas) tractors/trucks that operate out of Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis, with many of the trucks in Memphis running on RNG (renewable natural gas, in this case renewable LNG).

In 2015, UPS began the process of getting prepared to move much of their class 8 fleet that operates out of Chattanooga to CNG – compressed natural gas. To make that move, several large action items had to be completed before they could begin running CNG truck #1 out of that location. This included building their own, private refueling infrastructure, and making some significant modifications to their maintenance facility within the primary operations building. Those processes took over a year to complete, and in late 2016 their CNG trucks started arriving and being used out of this site. As of October 2017, 30 of their total 34 class 8 tractors are now CNG while the remaining four are diesel tractors. They use a time-fill system where a driver parks his/her tractor at the end of their shift, connects the fueling line to their truck, and leaves. When he/she returns the next day, the truck is full of CNG and ready to hit the road. Most trucks have roughly 600-700 miles in fuel on-board when full and are able to make all their daily trips on that full fuel load. UPS has 30 time fill parking spots right now, but also has a fast fill CNG dispenser as backup and in case faster fueling is needed for any reason.

UPS is the single largest alternative fuel fleet in Tennessee in both number of vehicles and amount of alternative fuel used.

Tour the CNG trucks and infrastructure at the Chattanooga UPS facility.