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TN Green Fleets Press Release - 5-24-17

Plus Tennessee sees largest ever gathering of Alternative Fuel Vehicles at Nissan Stadium

On Tuesday, May 23, Tennessee Clean Fuels announced and recognized six new fleets in its “Tennessee Green Fleets” Certification Program during the 3rd Annual Sustainable Transportation Awards & Forum at the Nashville Public Library. Later that evening, TCF assembled the largest-ever gathering of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in Tennessee’s history with a showcase for event attendees of 40 AFVs near the Bridge Building at Nissan Stadium.

Please click here or on the press release at right to read the rest of the release. Photos from the event are shown below and can be used in your media announcements of the event.



Above: Jonathan Overly of Tennessee Clean Fuels discusses some of the alternative fuels that were included in the AFV showcase with attendees. Below: The array of alt-fuel and advanced technology vehicles that were gathered in Nissan Stadium for the event.