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GRSM Press Release - 4-5-17

Press announcement on Smokies new #altfuel acquisitions.

GRSM Adds Propane Equipment and Dispensers for More Efficient Operations

Great Smoky Mountains National Park hosted a celebration today to unveil two new propane fueling stations and six new propane-fueled trucks at the Park Headquarters Maintenance Facility near Gatlinburg, TN. With the new pieces of alternative fuel equipment, the Smokies implemented a new facet of the park’s Climate Friendly Parks program through funding from a joint U.S. Departments of Interior (DOI) and Energy (DOE) initiative called the “Clean Cities National Park Initiative.” The new equipment helps the park leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Please click here or on the press release at right to read the rest of the release. Photos from the event are shown below and can be used in your media announcements of the event.


Top: A refueling demonstration too place to show how easy propane autogas refueling is with the new Staubli dispenser nozzle. Above: The back corner of one of the Ford F250s showing the (required) propane black diamond (needed for emergency response identification) and the Icom North America emblem noting that it is their liquid-injection “JTG” system. Below: The new fuel dispensing equipment has a number of safety features built in. Bottom: Attendees posed questions about refueling and the equipment.

Learning about how simple propane autogas refueling is