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TNCleanFuels started developing a certification program for fleets in 2014 that culminated in our first awarding of certifications in 2016. We had eight fleets that met the requirements and submitted data and became the inaugural class of “Tennessee Green Fleets” last year, and we are now seeking fleets that would like to be certified in 2017!

The Tennessee Green Fleets (TGF) Certification Program is an opportunity for fleets that are based or operate in Tennessee to receive certification for their efforts to reduce petroleum consumption, use alternative fuels or advanced vehicle technologies, and reduce emissions. TNCleanFuels will review your fleet’s fuel use and vehicle data to score your efforts. Fleet will be judged using a three-star system and–for those fleets that achieve at least one-star certification–will be recognized for their hard work at the Sustainable Transportation Awards & Forum in Nashville on May 23, 2017.

The first step is to call Jonathan Overly and let him know of your intention to submit and begin discussing your fleet and data – (865) 974-3625.

Please see the TNGreenFleets page on this website for more information (also directly accessible at www.TNGreenFleets.org), or contact us if you have any questions. Also, let anyone you feel might be a deserving fleet know about this opportunity and that could apply.

The deadline for data submissions is March 15, 2017. Fleets achieving one-, two- or three-star certification will receive their recognition and award on May 23, 2017 at the Sustainable Transportation Awards and Forum to be held in downtown Nashville.