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U.S. FHWA has announced the “FAST Act” national network of #AltFuel and #EV charging infrastructure corridors along our national highway system! This was released on November 2, 2016 and is the beginning of an on-going process to recognize certain “corridors” in the U.S. and do several other things, including develop signage for the fuels to them easy to find along those corridors.

Each state was allowed to put a group together to develop their own submission to FHWA back in August, and a GREAT team went to work in Tennessee and included TDOT, TDEC and the Office of Energy Programs within TDEC, TVA, several NG utilities across the state and the East and Middle-West Clean Fuels Coalitions. You can learn more about what has been approved by FHWA in each state (including which fuels) from the below links.

The partnership in Tennessee included these fuels and technologies in their submission: CNG, EVSE, LNG, propane and idle reduction technology like TSE (truckstop electrification) hardware.

Know that it was up to each state or set of partners in a state as to what alt fuels they wanted to pursue or have listed in their state. Thus, because one fuel might not be listed in a state could be due to that state not requesting approval for that fuel in their state.