ALT-FUEL FLEETS: Time to submit your fleet’s 2019 AFV & fuel data!

Click here to download the 2019 form Now! It is time to begin collecting your fleet's alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology data for 2019. This form that you can access by clicking here contains all of the categories for the alt fuels and for [...]

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Biodiesel Works! – A Biodiesel Workshop

Tennessee Clean Fuels is partnering with the Renewable Energy Group -- the nation's largest biodiesel producer -- to host two "Biodiesel Works!" workshops in 2019. The first was held in Knoxville earlier this year, and this one will take place in Nashville. Biodiesel is the [...]

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ABM Aviation, Clean Sweep, other fleets certified as Tennessee Green Fleets for emission reductions efforts

On Wednesday October 2, 2019, Tennessee Clean Fuels certified five new fleets for their emission reductions via the “Tennessee Green Fleets” Certification Program. The fleets including the BNA bus and shuttle operations fleet managed by ABM Aviation at the Nashville airport, Oak Ridge National Lab's [...]

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FOA – 2019 AFVs & Planning – WEBINAR PLANNED

On April 3 2019, DOE released Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) #DE-FOA-0002014 that could open the door for many Tennessee fleets to look at adding alternative fuels in communities where none exist. The FOA has a number of Areas of Interest, or AOIs, but the sixth [...]

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PRESS RELEASE – Six Tennessee Fleets certified as 2017 “Tennessee Green Fleets”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - MAY 24, 2017 Plus Tennessee sees largest ever gathering of Alternative Fuel Vehicles at Nissan Stadium On Tuesday, May 23, Tennessee Clean Fuels announced and recognized six new fleets in its “Tennessee Green Fleets” Certification Program during the 3rd Annual [...]

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Middle-West TN Clean Fuels – 1st 2017 Meeting

Please join us for our Spring 2017 Middle-West TN Clean Fuels Coaltion meeting in Nashville! Although we will provide updates on a number of grants (VW, CMAQ, other potential grants), fuels and opportunities, we have invited an excellent list of fleets or industry partners to [...]

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ETCleanFuels 1st 2017 Coalition Meeting

A number of fuels and opportunities will be discussed at this meeting, and we will have several speakers including representatives from NET Trans & Anderson County who will elaborate on their fleet advancements acquiring new AFVs! We will also have several alt-fuel vehicles to show [...]

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