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Conversion companies and “upfitters” are entities that can convert an appropriate vehicle to run on CNG, propane autogas, or even electricity. Both dedicated and bi-fuel conversions are available, although it varies by company as what kind of conversion they do.

It is more common to see conversions on the light- to medium-duty vehicle size. And while CNG and propane conversions have been going on for years, more companies are joining into the conversion space for electric vehicles – taking an older diesel vehicle and completely converting it to run solely on electricity. Learn more about each company below.

The companies/rows highlighted in orange are members and working partners of TNCleanFuels. We know them well – they are trusted partners of ours and we can speak to their hard work in Tennessee! Links to their company websites are provided in their name.

Upfitter or conversion co.CNG?Propane?EV?
Alliance AutoGasY
Complete Coach Works (CCW)YYY
Crazy Diamond PerformanceY
Eco Vehicle SolutionsYYY
Greenkraft, Inc.YY
ICOM North AmericaYY
LandiRenzo USAY
Lightning SystemsY
Westport WINGYY

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