CNG Trucks Offer ROI on Multiple Fronts

Reprinted from  Read entire article here. With fuel prices at their highest since 2014, compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel for fleet operations is once again getting attention as a cheap, super-clean alternative to diesel or gasoline. The truth is, many fleets that [...]

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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: 2018 Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) invites nominations for the fourth annual Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards. Winners will be announced at the Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Awards and Forum, which will take place on Sept. 17-18, 2018 in Knoxville. The Awards recognize outstanding initiatives [...]

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ROUSH CleanTech enters EV market with all-electric Ford F-650

ROUSH CleanTech unveiled its newest carbon footprint-friendly vehicle — an all-electric Ford F-650. The company, which includes propane autogas and compressed natural gas in its technology portfolio, is expanding its alternative fuel market (ROUSH already offers propane and CNG-powered conversions) with zero-emission electric vehicles. “An [...]

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New Jersey just diverted the funds from its’ state VW settlement away from emissions reduction

Advocates for clean air and clean fuels around the country are disappointed by a recent announcement from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that the funds NJ received from a state settlement against Volkswagen for its 2015 emissions testing scandal will be redirected to general [...]

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A Memphis Bike Share Program with Strong Roots is Coming to Fruition

Via High Ground News In Memphis - Originally published Wednesday, April 11, 2018  Locations around the city for the first 60 bike stations of the Explore Bike Share program have been announced, and the nonprofit has plans to add more stations and bikes in 2019 and 2020. [...]

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The fine print of alternative fuels infrastructure

An electric vehicle seems so simple — plug it in, and it’ll work. But, there’s much more to EVs — and all alternative propulsion sources — when it comes to alternative fuels infrastructure. According to a recent report from the Smart Electric Power Alliance, many [...]

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Picture brightens for DOE Clean Cities based on this just-released Congressional Omnibus Spending Bill

By Sam Spofforth, CEO of Transportation Energy Partners and Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio On March 21, 2018, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives released the details of the $1.3 trillion spending bill that would fund the federal government through the end of [...]

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Join us at the Green Truck Summit & Work Truck Show 2018

Jonathan and Daniel of ETCleanFuels made the journey to Indianapolis, IN on Monday morning to attend the 2018 Green Truck Summit and Work Truck Show. They joined vendors, fleet reps, and other Clean Cities coalitions to discuss the future of clean fuels and alternative fuel [...]

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Details emerge about Tesla’s revamped workplace charging installation program

Medium- and large-sized companies can take advantage of charging station subsidies and guidance offered by the EV technology innovator Workplace charging is becoming a more and more attractive option for companies and commuters, as the costs associated with these installations fall and the number of [...]

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Two tax breaks for alternative fuel usage were just extended through 2017

Good news for green fleets! Two tax credits that affect fleets using alternative fuels have been extended. The Alternative Fuel Excise Credit and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit are now retroactively extended through the end of 2017 — a year past the original expiration of [...]

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