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The most prevalent transportation fuels in this country are petroleum-based fossil fuels, particularly gasoline and diesel fuel, which emit harmful pollutants and carbon dioxide, “greenhouse gases”, into the atmosphere.

Alternative fuels, which create zero or low emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, are known as Clean Fuels.  The continued use of Clean Fuels in replacement of fossil fuels will help to slow the atmospheric build up of carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming.  

Clean Fuels provide benefits that reach beyond their air quality advantages as alternatives to fossil fuels.   Switching to Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) and equipment which run on Clean Fuels also reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, creates American jobs, and reduces health risks to Americans and future generations from air pollution and the effects of global warming.

There are several types of Clean Fuels that are readily available on the market today, and the number of AFV options available is continuing to grow every year as consumers and businesses embrace the benefits of Clean Fuels.


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