Our Team

Learn more about our talented team at East Tennessee Clean Fuels and how they’re contributing to our clean cities coalition.

joanthan overly tennessee clean fuels


I have four kidneys (two are from the two kidney transplants that I have received, one in 1988 and one in 2011)

Jonathan Overly

Executive Director / jonathan [at] etcleanfuels.org / 865-974-3625

Jonathan is a life-long East Tennessean who truly enjoys meeting new businesses and fleets and helping them discover alternative fuels and their ROI opportunities… and in solving problems. He says, “How often do you get to work on something that helps your community and country at the same time? This job is a blast!” Jonathan founded the coalition in 2002 with the support of many area businesses, organizations, nonprofits and research groups. If you ever ask him how he’s doing, expect to hear “Better than I Deserve” because he feels blessed by God and is genuinely happy to live and work in beautiful Tennessee… and has been the recipient of not one but two kidneys from other families through organ donation.


  • Doing almost anything outdoors

  • Billiards

  • Disc Golf

  • Australian and Argentinian merlots

  • Can’t-catch-my-breath laughter


  • Canned asparagus

  • People who can’t laugh at themselves

  • Gewürztraminer

  • Folks who don’t use their turn signals

  • Patchouli


daniel siksay tennesee clean fuels


Despite my height, I am singularly terrible at basketball.

Daniel Siksay

Co-Coordinator / daniel [at] etcleanfuels.org / 865-309-6657

Daniel is a recent transplant to East Tennessee; born in Canada, he moved south in 2016 and has since fallen in love with the area’s mountains, culture, and history. Daniel is a problem solver with an eye for detail and a nose for creative solutions to difficult problems. He is an exuberant optimist about the future! He’s an experienced editor and rhetorician, a digital entrepreneur, and he’s thrilled to help ETCleanFuels members access the tools that they’ll need to save money and go green. In his spare time, you’ll find Daniel working in his gardens (he grows native wildflowers and vegetables), hiking in the mountains (he spent a month on the AT in 2014), cooking (he’s a trained vegetarian cook), or reading philosophy (he specializes in new realism and ecological ethics).


  • Dark and stormy stouts

  • Hiking with my dogs

  • Friendly philosophical debates

  • Self-reflexivity and critical thinking

  • Star Trek


  • Melons (they’re filler fruit!)

  • Apathy and defeatism

  • Criticism that hinders rather than helps

  • Bottled water

  • A world with no Star Trek


about east tennessee clean fuels


I have the potential of being “the crazy cat lady”.

Virginia Salazar Buda

DET Coordinator / virginia [at] etcleanfuels.org / 865-974-1880

Virginia resides in Johnson City, TN with her partner Doug, their children Miles (13), London (11), and two cats, Christof and Mister Weasley. Her family lives in an older home where a variety of scuff marks can be discovered on the surfaces of their bright and colorful walls and furniture. She believes that a home and work environment should be a comfortable place where vibrant, respectfully communicated opinions and scuff marks are welcome. She has an open-minded approach to problem-solving where everyone’s thought process is valued. Her career and personal experiences, anchored in education, art, culture, and community-building, have brought tremendous personal joy and satisfaction. She’s grateful to be included in the East Tennessee Clean Fuels team: a positive, confident and competent group of environmentally savvy individuals.


  • Optimistic and humorous humans

  • Teasing my immediate family

  • Laughing and talking loudly (sounds like yelling) with Cuban parents
  • Creative ideation
  • Learning opportunities


  • A defeatist attitude
  • Tight personal clothing that I refuse to give away
  • Managing naughty cat behavior
  • Middle school core curriculum mathematics
  • The never-ending pile of laundry duties
madelyn collins tennessee clean fuels


I grew up in New Orleans jamming out to zydeco and feasting on pralines [pra-lines not pray-lines].

Madelyn Collins

Digital Media Coordinator / madelyn [at] etcleanfuels.org / 865-974-8193

Madelyn is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee who majored in Communications with a concentration in Journalism & Electronic Media. She has a great interest in communicating sustainability to others and when she is not working to help mother earth, she teaches and performs hip-hop on the side at multiple dance studios in the Knoxville area. One of her future goals is to educate and encourage more black women to get into environmental justice so they may have a strong role in fighting climate change. She is excited to help ETCleanFuels grow in their presence and progress their mission of promoting cleaner alternative fuels and vehicles in Tennessee.


  • Dancing (of course.)

  • My ancestors

  • My two black cats (Sage & Tiger)

  • Southern hospitality

  • Anime


  • Intolerance

  • The sunken place

  • Menus with too many options

  • Eurocentrism

  • Our society’s declining interest in bookstores



I have been to 13 countries and counting!

Taylin Spurlock

Digital Media Assistant / virginia [at] etcleanfuels.org / 865-974-8193

Taylin is Florida born, Georgia raised, and a Tennessee educated student. She currently studies Sustainability at the University of Tennessee. Taylin is very empathetic and loves helping others in any way possible. She is fresh off of studying abroad with Semester at Sea, and this experience motivated her to get involved with other cultures and studying climate. Taylin is thrilled to be learning under the best here at ETCleanFuels to expand her knowledge of fuel alternatives. When she is not in the office or class, Taylin loves white water kayaking, being in the mountains, or traveling.


  • Scuba diving

  • True crime podcasts

  • Deep conversations on any topic

  • Pasta

  • Genuine people


  • Frozen vegetables

  • Subway

  • Bad drivers

  • Single use plastics

  • Durian

Board of Directors & Advisors


      President – Paul Leath, Southern Company Gas/Chattanooga Gas

      Secretary – Carla York

      Treasurer – Chris Wilson, Knoxville Utilities Board


      Jim Coker, Propane Powered Solutions, LLC

      Jan Compton, Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

      Dr. Chris Cox, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

      Dr. Scott Curran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

      Jonathan Overly (nonvoting, ex officio)

Visiting Us – Addresses

    Mailing address:

      311 Conference Center Building

      Knoxville, TN 37996-4134

    Street address:

      650 Locust Street

      Knoxville, TN 37902

    Parking lot address:

      540 Locust Street

      Knoxville, TN 37902

      List of parking facilities in downtown Knoxville here.


      East Tennessee Clean Fuels serves the 48 counties in the eastern half of the state. We work closely with Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels to provide services to            our partners in these counties and beyond.


      Clean Cities coalitions that desire official recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy must complete a stringent process, gather partner support, and complete a        detailed program plan. On October 12, 2004, East Tennessee Clean Fuels became an official, designated Clean Cities coalition. The process of designation took two          years and was supported by many partners along the way. Over thirty partners attended the designation event and signed the supporting MOU along with the                Department of Energy.

Awards & Recognition

      2016 – Jonathan Overly receives U.S. EPA Region 4, Southeast Diesel Collaborative Visionary Champion Award

      2016 – Tennessee Clean Fuels (both TN coalitions) receive Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award, for Excellence in Clean Air

      2015 – Jonathan Overly inducted into U.S. DOE Clean Cities Hall of Fame

      2015 – ETCleanFuels receives U.S. National Park Service Director’s Partnership Award

      2015 – Southeast Diesel Collaborative Leadership Award Nominee, granted to Jonathan Overly

      2011 – Jonathan Overly receives Benjamin Watson Award 

      2007 – Jonathan Overly receives Air Conservationist of the Year Award from the Tennessee Wildlife Federation and GM Spring Hill Manufacturing

      2006 – Jonathan Overly receives Blount County Environmental Achievement Award

      2005 – Jonathan Overly Receives Tri-Cities Ozone Action Partnership “Ozzie Award”