The City of Knoxville began investigating using Renewable Diesel (RD) in 2016 after seeing and hearing of its use in more than a handful (like 30) cities and fleets in the western U.S.  ETCleanFuels got on-board and helped do some homework for the city including finding the right partner for supplying the RD.

City staff produced a report on their experience that includes using the fuel in its pure state (100% RD, not a blend mixed with petroleum diesel), using the fuel in more vehicles than they originally expected, and having trouble-free experience with the fuel… it even generated some cost savings. They used renewable diesel from Renewable Energy Group, Inc. in the test.

Access the city’s report on its use of RD here.

Contact Jonathan Overly at ETCleanFuels with any questions; we’re happy to provide you the contact information for Keith Shields, the Director of Fleet Services for the city who oversaw the test use.